The cuisine of Campania is a real delight. Delicious dishes based on natural seasonal products, a lot of seafood and perfect wine make it superb. The number of Michelin restaurants in Naples is bigger than in any other city of Italy. There are some of the best restaurants in Naples.

Palazzo Petrucci Ristorante

This is well deserved Michelin star restaurant. It provides not only excellent food, but also the best view in Naples. It is located just by the sea on the open terrace and the view to the bay and Vesuvius is absolutely fantastic. All the meals are beautifully served. The staff is very friendly. There are candles on the tables and magnificent panorama of Neapolitan Bay creates wonderful atmosphere. Dinner at this place is unforgettable. It's the best experience to have in Naples. All food is very delicious. Huge list of wines is offered to accompany the meals. It's possible to offer 5 course tasting menu and slowly enjoy one delicious meal after another admiring the splendid view to the sea.

Tartufi Che Passione

This restaurant is heaven for truffle-lovers, but not only for them. Also, it's a real paradise for everyone. Guests can taste not only truffles, but the great variety of different incredibly delicious meals. This is a real restaurant of fine dining creating the unique special meals and transfer cooking into a piece of art. The chef of the restaurant Domicilio Simone Profeta is more than professional; he is a real master of culinary. He creates combination of ingredients which turn out to be fantastic dishes which are not served anywhere else. Incredible seasonings and flavors, gorgeous look of all meals, unforgettable taste are offered for the guests in this place. This restaurant is a hidden treasure. It is the best choice in Naples.

Pizzeria Napoli In Bocca

Pizza was invented in Naples. It's a traditional Neapolitan product, and certainly in Naples guests can taste the best pizza in the world. All the visitors of Naples must go to pizzeria. This pizzeria is the right choice to taste Neapolitan pizza. It is located next to Umberto Gallery. The interior of this restaurant is very cozy and beautifully decorated with a lot of nice antique elements. This restaurant is simple, but very authentic with great atmosphere of real Italian pizzeria where guest can feel themselves local. The great choice of pizzas with different ingredients is very rich. All pizzas are really brilliant. Visitors of Naples should not miss the opportunity to taste traditional Neapolitan pizza in this real Italian pizzeria.

Casa Tua Al Duomo

This restaurant is located in Via Dei Cimbri Numero in the heart of the old town. This is an excellent place to taste the best seafood in Naples. It's a perfect choice for dinner for seafood lovers. Fabulous spaghetti with mussels, prawns and clams can be offered for the first course and marvelous mixed grill of seafood including Tuna, swordfish, oysters, cuttlefish and other gifts of the sea can be provided for the second course. Everything is so fresh and delicious that it is an unforgettable experience. The meals are accompanied by the best wines of the region and for desert it's fine to taste traditional Italian lemon liquor limoncello. In this place guests feel atmosphere of real Italian traditional dinner. Enjoying fantastic food in very pleasant atmosphere is really great.