Thessaloniki is a city of youth, so there are many clubs, bars and discos. Here are the most fashionable ones.

1. UNIT 33 is a large concert hall-type bar, which hosts performances by famous musicians and bands both from Greece and from abroad. It offers many drinks and a rich concert program of alternative music.
Address: Str. October 26, 33.
Open all year round.

2. Milos is entertainment center in the "fork" area. On its territory there is a club, a coffee bar and an exhibition hall, which regularly open interesting displays. On the club scene are the Greek celebrities and groups, which make "live performances" and youth festivals.
Address: Ag. Georgiou 56.
Open all year round.

3. BungalowWhiteClubRestaurant is one of the most popular holiday destinations on the Thessaloniki waterfront. Having fun with the views of the evening city - a worthy option for leisure, is not it? Club, bar and restaurant are opened for visitors of all ages.
Address: Meg. 10 Alexander, Nea Paralia (New Quay).
Open all year round.

4. MaisonCrystal is a bar-restaurant located in a stylish modern building. It is perfect for evening get-togethers at the very Thermal waters of the Gulf. Here you can taste a Mediterranean cuisine from celebrity chef, enjoy excellent service, traditional and modern music, dances till morning. The bar offers agreat number of Greek wines in the wine cellar.
Address: Meg. 6 Alexander.
Open all year round.

5. Kitchenbar is a cafe-bar-restaurant in the city port. Perhaps this restaurant offers the best views of the city. It is known for a wonderful men and excellent service. 
Location: City Port, Hall B.
Open all year round.

6. Omilos is another popular place among Greek youth where they meet for a glass of wine, light snacks or coffee. Music, combined with an amazing view of the sea offers a pleasant conversation.
Address: Meg. 12 Alexander, the promenade.
Open all year round.

7. LIDOPARADISE is a summer club, located outside the city: the road to the airport, near HYATTREGENCYCASINO (5 bars, a large stage, capacity of 1,200 people). Every summer season (from late May to late September) they hold parties in various styles.
Location: Airport Area, 14-th km on the highway Thessaloniki-Perea.
Opened during the summer period (May to October).

8. FIX is located in the eastern part of Thessaloniki in the area of ​​about 30 acres. One of the oldest entertainment centers of the city (even in XIX century the respectable Greeks gathered here for a beer). Today it is a modern playground.
Address: Str. 26 October 15th.
From September to May, gradually opening up several sites CLUB: FIXlive, AFIXHlive, microFIX.
Details and program are available on the club website