1. Ceresio 7

One of the most popular places in the city, Ceresio 7 has a famous interior in retro style and a summer terrace with swimming pool offering panoramic views of the nightlife of Milan. Despite the fact that prices are above the average for the city, you will not find the better place for an evening of champagne with sunset views.


Do not be surprised: in Milan the beer, chips and a glass of wine with olives can be found even at the bakery. Find out the planned evening cocktail hours, and boldly come to an aperitif with freshly baked focaccia, pizza and spicy rolls. Bakery PAVÉ, Via Felice Casati 27, Milano


Spend an evening with a cocktail in the company of the powerful instead of looking for a free table in the hammered pubs? The high cost of drinks at the bar Dom Perignon Longe & Raw Bar Bulgari Hotel is compensated for the endless parade of exquisite snacks and a comfortable garden terrace.


Bar Basso can safely be called the homeland of Milan aperitif: here was Negroni Sbagliato invented (second name - "wrong Negroni"), when the bartender adds champagne to a cocktail instead of gin. Since then the bar is famous for its constantly updated collection of over 500 copyright drinks.  


Located in the bustling district, Mag Café is a cozy and quiet place where you can relax from the hustle and bustle with a glass of classic Aperol or Negroni cocktail. If you end up in a "happy hour" aperitif, you can count on a good portion of smoked meat and cheese.  


To the Fans of classic cocktails we suggest Bar Terrazza12, a recently opened bar on the 10th floor of the shopping center Brian & Barry Building. And although the bar list here is quite simple, a huge covered terrace and views over the city make a great impression on travelers.


If you prefer wine, visit Enoteca Cantina Isola, located in Milan's Chinatown, where the locals gather for a glass of wine. In the evenings this tiny gallery is not crowded, but you can always feel the local flavor and the hotel with a drink in the bar at the entrance.

8. Vinodromo

A very comfortable place: the wall of the wooden wine boxes and bottles from floor to ceiling... The choice of wines is huge – there will be a wine for every meal unthinkable and any unusual taste preferences. The kitchen is gorgeous in its simplicity. This bar is great for dopocena - a quiet drink after a busy and exciting dinner. There is free Wi-Fi, which is not so common in Italy. Meat cutting rooms and a couple of glasses of wine cost around 15-20 euros.