Only ten years ago, it was almost impossible to find any cocktails in this city. At the present time, in any area, you can find something to your taste and needs. So we begin our Top 5 hits from cocktail bars in Tel Aviv:

223 Bar
Located on Dizingoff 223, this bar is the oldest of the cocktail bars in Tel Aviv, and, incidentally, one of the only contact bars (this is how the professionals call the bars, which allow a direct contact with the bartender). Here you can ultimately offer the author's classics, and whatever else the soul wants. 
The average bill for two: 100-150 shekels 
Cocktail: Vieux Carre 
Address: Dizingoff 223

Taylor Made
Firstly, many people think that Taylor Made is the most beautiful bar in Tel Aviv. Secondly, it is a a perfect bar for a big company. All copyrights cocktails are made for a different number of people, and once there is no need to try what your neighbor offered.
The average bill for two people: 150 shekels
Cocktail: Mai Pie
Address: 99 Allenby

Once you are in, you find yourself as if in a fantasy world in which there is a place for leather hippos’ ottomans, and cocktails in the sea shells. Menu combines different taste preferences - from sweet to sharp positions. The owner also runs 223 bar, so these two places are great.
The average bill for two: 300 shekels
Cocktail: Masha on Fire
Address: 14 Berdichevsky

Imperial Bar, which more than once was the best among all the bars not only in Tel Aviv, but also in the Middle East, and even in the world - according to various magazines. In this bar the classic cocktails are made with elegance worthy of real pros. This is the bar, which, incidentally, has a happy hour (which is rare for cocktail bars). So if you missed the bars of Europe, bravely rush in Imperial, where the true London style can be traced in the approach.
The average bill for two people: 200 shekels
Cocktail Trinidad Sauer
Address: 66 Hayarkon

Library Bar
The Library Bar at The Norman Hotel comes complete with a nice menu of snacks and absolutely amazing atmosphere of calm and relaxation. It's like a spa to bars, where guests can enjoy their first drink of the day. The average bill for two: 200 shekels
Cocktail: I drank a great Negroni
Address: Nachmani Street 23-25

Moonshine Bar
A recently opened bar, which is located inside another restaurant on Lillenblum 43. To get into the bar, you should call them beforehand. But it is a real pleasure to taste these amazing cocktails.
The average bill for two people: 200 shekels
Cocktail: Louisiana Smash
Address: Lillenblum 43