One of the unique places for many vacationers is the resort of Thessaloniki on the Aegean Sea. This city is the second largest in Greece and its population is over 1,104,460 people.

The city of Thessaloniki is filled with antiquity. Ancient stone walls, towers, castles - all survived to this day. Just imagine how our ancestors lived! You cannot? Then be sure to visit this place. Temples, altars, long galleries, colonnades will make you plunge into the distant past.

1. More than 250 days a year in Greece are sunny. This natural advantage allows using solar panels for the production of cheap electricity.

2. The people of Thessaloniki wake up at 5-6 o'clock in the morning, and go to sleep after 23 hours. Lack of sleep the night they compensate during daytime siesta (from two to four hours of the day).

3. All budget professions are considered prestigious. They bring a stable income and ensure the availability of pensions.

4. Locals eat four times a day. They begin the meal with a light breakfast, followed by a small snack. Usually it is a bagel covered with sesame seeds. A hearty meal they eat during siesta. Late in the evening large Greek family gathers for dinner.

5. The Greek cuisine is dominated by fatty and spicy dishes. The basis of most national dishes is mutton or veal.

6. "White Tower". The most famous landmark of Thessaloniki is the "White Tower". It is a symbol of liberation of the city by the Greeks from the influence of the Ottoman Empire. Originally, the tower was the prison of the Ottoman Empire. For a long time it was called "bloody", as the prisoners were subjected to torture. But today it is the Byzantine Museum.

7. Metaxa is the best-known Greek alcoholic beverage, is a unique blend of muscat wine and brandy. Drink in its pure form or in cocktails.

8. "Mesa" is a common way to treat in Greece, which is characterized by the opportunity to try a wide range of fish and meat dishes with different sauces. It is the prototype of the popular "smorgasbord".

9. Greeks love fast food. Featured here gyro and souvlaki are similar to kebab, contain large amounts of meat and are used with fried French fries. Greek fast food is of the highest quality in Europe.

10. Evenings in Thessaloniki are usually spent in a warm and cheerful atmosphere, as the locals sit up late into the night in local cafes and restaurants. Treat yourself to an evening stroll through the narrow streets Ladodiki, relax and remember all the good moments, sipping cold coffee, because it is so popular in this sunny resort.