For those who are going to walk between the Forum, the Palatine and the Colosseum: there is Bar Necci. It is a cozy bar, which in the evening turns into a gastronomic restaurant. It is fashionable, but not snobbish, quite a friendly bar, in which Pier Paolo Pasolini in 1961 filmed his cult film "Accatone". The current owners of the establishment, among them a Briton by birth, chef Ben Hurst, made this bar a universal place where you can have breakfast, drink a glass of prosecco in the morning, and in the afternoon it's easy to have a snack. In the evening, you can come here in a suit, as to a serious restaurant, a gastronomic menu allows it. Via Fanfulla da Lodi 68, +39 06 9760 1552

Stravinskij Bar

Establishment in the super-luxury hotel "Hotel de Russie" for rich Roman hipsters

This wine institution from the category "luxury" is located in the lobby of the hotel "Hotel de Russie". There is a street terrace and a bar with soft seating in the room. It is expensive and luxurious. Even non-alcoholic cocktails in this bar are sold at prices of 15 euros. Inside there is a "secret garden", a walk along which, with a glass in his hand, takes one of the movies to Federico Fellini. Via del Babuino 9, +39 06 328 881

Enoteca Provincia Romana is a democratic wine bar near Piazza Venezia

Minimalism is in everything here, including the prices. A small bar in the center, located in one of the most tourist areas, is attractive to local residents. People who live here, knowingly chose this excellent selection of snacks and dishes, which are made from farm products produced in a village near Rome. Via del Foro Traiano 82-84, +39 06 699 40273.

Cavour 313

It is a traditional Roman bar where locals often sit. The interiors resemble a British pub.

Here you can skip a glass of wine after a walk through the Forum. The menu is mainly organized with light snacks, but there are good traditional soups and cheese plates. It is rather, not a tourist institution, but a meeting place for the old Romans. Via Cavour 313, +39 06 678 5496

Bar san calisto

This is a bar on Trastevere, which does not lend itself to fashion trends and remains the same as it opened ten years ago.

The Trastevere district is a huge hive, filled with youth and tourists until evening. This wine bar never changed and did not try to be fashionable, it just quietly existed. Nevertheless, every night it is filled to the brink of various people: from tired intellectuals to real Roman punks. Piazza San Calisto 3-5, +39 06 589 5670