Urban City
2 Rue de la Boucherie

Urban City is a classical Luxembourg bar, which serves the best gin tonics. It offers a wide variety of gins. Location is convenient, but some guests think the music is too loud inside. It is better when the weather is nice and you can sit outside.

Scott's Pub
4 Bisserweg, Luxembourg 1238

“The proud bar” as the crew calls it, is located right on the river Rue Münster. It is a very beautiful place to have a drink or a light meal. No salads, but good pizza and Panini can be found here. The prices are not very low, but the luxury location dictates prices. The view from the terrace overlooking the river is worth paying. The atmosphere is very relaxing.

Oscar's Bar9
Bisserweg, L-1238

This bar offer delicious burgers except of a good choice of drinks. The prices for burgers start from 11 euros. Be sure to get a fresh and good meat and great bread in Oscar’s Bar. The bread is handmade and pretty tasty. The bar also offers burgers for vegetarians. Their menu cannot boast with many positions but the bar’s owner decided that quality is more important.

The bar offers karaoke every Saturday night; local rock groups often give live concerts here. It is also a good place for football fans.

Sixty Four Bar
4, Rue du Fort Niedergrunewald

A perfect place for the smokers to enjoy a cigar and to relax in a comfortable atmosphere. The staff is very friendly and the meals are worth the money. They have a wide variety of whiskeys, cognacs, and a wide selection of cocktails as well.

Banana's Bar
9 Avenue Monterey

Banana bar will give you the best activities available at a bar. The locals love it and so do the tourist. Banana bar can be found at one of the most known Luxembourg squares. Banana bar is a good choice to arrange a Birthday party if you decided to make a celebration in Luxembourg. Except of a good number of drinks, the bar has a dance floor, a great DJ who is playing popular music. We advise to try the grilled chicken with paprika sauce and fries and the rabbit with rosemary sauce and pan fried potatoes. These dishes cost 9.90€, salad included.

Konrad Café & Bar
7 Rue du Nord, Luxembourg 2229

Luxembourg cannot boast with a great variety of beer, but Konrad Café&Bar offers a good deal of awesome beer brewed by Simon. Situated in the center of the city, Konrad café&bar has friendly staff and different drinks, from beer and whiskey to a hot chocolate and coffee. At Konrad’s we highly recommend to taste a mojito or calpirinha.