Like any other popular city of Europe, Brussels has full variety of bars, cafes, respectable restaurants, and dynamic night clubs. This is an enthralling and colorful in the afternoon and becomes even more vivid and dynamic at nightfall. We picked up a few best bars of the Belgian capital, where the guests can drink, enjoy various music concerts and have unbelievable impressions.

Spirito Martini

Do you think that night clubs are all the same and you cannot be surprised? And what about the fashion elite night club, located in the old Church of England? As stated on the club’s website, Spirito Martini is called the “temple of the night”. Although the cost of entry to the club sometimes reaches 30 euros, it is absolutely worth it. The former church now has three various bars, so you do not have to wait long to get a cocktail or beer. The bar is open on Fridays and Saturdays.

Le Flamingo

This Brussels bar is rather young, but already famous. Although the area where is located Le Flamingo at first glance does not seem very attractive, you’d better visit it, because nowadays it belongs to the best fashionable bars in Belgian capital.

Bar Le Flamingo opens at 8 am, and it is awesome to start a day with an afterparty here including great delicious breakfast.

Maison du Peuple

Located a bit outside the city center, Maison du Peuple is a great cafe which serves fresh food, delicious cocktails, and if you' come in the right time, you can listen to live music.

Delirium Cafe

If the name did not intrigue you and did not cause a desire to visit it, imagine a wide selection of beers. More than 2,000 sorts of beer, selected from different corners of the world (including the well-known Belgian beer) make Delirium Café a paradise for beer fans.

This place attracts a very international audience of all ages, who like the mix of tasty beer and live music. If you come to the centre of the city at night, look for their funny signboard picturing a pink elephant.

The Flat

The bar’s name speaks for itself - it is a night club/lounge, located in a large apartment. You can relax with a cocktail in the living room, bedroom or even in the bathroom. It is also possible to book a private room or the whole apartment, if you want to celebrate here some important event. Before visiting this place, pay attention to your dress, because the dress code is a must at this bar.