Coming to Milan, one will certainly feel its elegance and refinement. However, it attracts tourists not only with its operas, murals, churches and castles, but also with its unique cuisine. You can appreciate TOP 5 best restaurants in Milan, which is quite possible to try the Italian cuisine, if you have money in your wallet.

1. Clandestino Milano - is a wonderful combination of fashion and incomparable kitchen. The restaurant is located inside the Hotel Maison Moschino, and is under the influence of its design. The interior is marked with the elements of high fashion. For example, the chairs are made in the form of evening dresses; they dresses also decorate the walls of the restaurant. The restaurant is famous for its chef and his experimentation approach to their work. Moreno Tsedroni seeks to present the dishes of other nations in the Italian style. In his unique sushi he replaced the traditional Japanese ingredients - seaweed and wasabi with the usual Italian - herbs, balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

2. Giacomo Arengario meets you in the historic center of Milan. This is one of Italy's bourgeois restaurants in the capital. Its interior is designed in the tradition of the three great cities of different eras - Paris, Vienna and New York. Giacomo Arengario is famous for seafood, its signature dishes are shrimp, oysters, salmon and crab. The restaurant offers only ordered drinks and later, in addition to these, complimentary snacks. This place is best for a pleasant stay in familiar company when nice atmosphere is more important than food. In addition, Giacomo Arengario is famous for its perfect view of the cathedral Duomo di Milano. It becomes even more charming in the evening when the lights turn on the historical sights.

3. Restaurant Unico is a little away from the city center on the twentieth floor of the famous skyscraper World Join Center. This unique location offers another excellent view of the city. In the restaurant menu you can find porcini mushrooms, truffles and carpaccio. Waiting for the ordered dishes cannot be dull or boring, because the master class from Chef Fabio amuses everyone.

4. Pisacco seemingly has a modest and quiet design. But this modesty hides a work of art. The restaurant welcomes visitors with modern, but at the same time quiet and comfortable interior. But if you want to know the full spirit of Pisacco, you will need to climb to the second floor, the design of which plunges into the mysterious world of researchers. It was created by the architect and painter Tiziano Vudafieri Gabriella Ciancimino. The restaurant offers a wide selection of food served, ranging from traditional cuisine to quite exotic, such as stewed octopus. This is a great choice for a nice dinner.

5. Il Luogo di Aimo was created for those who like to combine business with pleasure. It combines modern art exhibition with a variety of paintings and sculptures, as well as a restaurant. It includes Tuscan cuisine porcini, pasta with cocoa broads and lobsters in almond sauce. Here you will find a high quality service, friendly staff and reasonable prices. This is a restaurant for those who appreciate the refined cuisine, so if you just want to eat their full, it is better to choose another option.