The Italian capital Rome or "Eternal City" has rich long history and is known for such facts:

1. Rome is one of the oldest cities on the planet, which was built in 753 before the beginning of our era. It was founded on the river Tiber, on its left side.

2. It is considered that the name of the city has a same root with the word "rhome", which means strength or river. According to the second version, Rome is named, according to myth, in honor of the girl Roma, who was the daughter of King Aeneas. But the main version says that the twin brothers Romulus and Remus, were found in the territory of today's Rome, wolf fed. One of the brothers founded the city, and then they ruled.

3. Italian capital celebrates its birthday every year on April 21. Celebrations here are organized large-scale. The program includes gladiatorial fights, fireworks, parades, many thousands of processions of citizens and guests of the city.

4. The unique feature of Rome is its administrative structure; it is a city with a state inside. This is a miniature country of the Vatican, whose border does not exceed 3.2 km, and the population is about 800 people.

5. The Vatican is an official state, the form of government in which is the monarchy. It has its own coat of arms and anthem, armed forces. As for the communications, then they laid a railway branch and their own Internet domen ".va".

6. Because of the lack of female representatives, in the seventh century BC, the soldiers, by order of their ruler Romulus, were abducted by girls from the Italian tribal Sabina community. The girl became a trophy for men, the most beautiful representatives of the fair sex were taken by senators.

7. Construction of the world's first shopping center was held in Rome by order of the emperor Troyan. It was a multi-level structure, in which about 150 outlets operated.

8. The famous Roman "Colosseum", in which a large number of competitions took place, in Latin, means "gigantic, in other words, colossal". It places 5 thousand spectators inside, and is known as one of the seven wonders of the world.

9. When the Colosseum was opened, the Romans started a large-scale celebration. And it lasted for 100 days. For this time, about 5 thousand animals were eaten.

10. The expression "money does not smell" has an ancient Roman origin. During the reign of Emperor Vespasian, a tribute was introduced for the use of public toilets. This decision caused a storm of resentment from the ruler’s son, who considered shameful such a source of income. But when his father received the first flows of money from this tax to the treasury, he gave his son a coin to make sure that the does not smell anything.

11. In Rome there is a "Monster Park", which got its name because of unusual sculptural designs. There are copies of giant monstrous cannibals, as well as a statue of Hercules captured at the time of the murder of a woman.

12. On the territory of the Vatican, the world's largest church is built; it is the Basilica of St. Peter. They used to build such a structure for nearly a millennium under the leadership of such celebrities as Maderno, Rafael, Michelangelo.

13. Kisses, as a symbol of consolidation of marriage, came to us from Ancient Rome.

14. Castle of St. Angela is a local landmark, which for its history had the status of a mausoleum, a tomb, a castle, a papal residence, a warehouse complex, a prison. Today it is a museum.